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Grant Municipal Airport Testimonial

M. C. Schaff has been our airport engineer for several years now. Unfortunately, we had a previous airport project that had run into a lot of problems. MCS, specifically Dave Schaff and Jeff Wolfe, came in and gave us the service and expertise we needed so that we haven’t run into those types of problems again.

MCS is large enough to provide the services we need (engineering, surveying, geotechnical) but still small enough to provide personal attention. Jeff and Dave are very knowledgeable and professional. Our questions, no matter how off the wall, always get answered quickly and thoroughly. Despite all this, they are never stuffy and we really enjoy visiting with them over a meal! We have always gotten quality service from any MCS employees we’ve worked with, Tom Cooper being one in particular who spent a lot of time on our hangar project.

We would definitely recommend MCS to any airport looking for an engineer. They have qualified staff, a good working relationship with the NDA, and have given every one of our projects the time it deserves.

Dana Harris, Manager
Grant Municipal Airport